It’s apparently Danny Ferry Day

The PD gives some love to Danny and well, I don’t really blame them. The Cavs are the best run franchise in Cleveland and it’s not even close.

Windhorst gives us a list of the Good/Bad moves and there’s not much to disagree with. Though, I think the Hughes/Jones/Marshall summer is a bit overrated as bad moves go (at least among casual fans). I mean, it’s not like those guys didn’t help the Cavs. All three were rotation players on a squad that got the Cavs to the playoffs and eventually made the Finals.

Sure, a few years down the road it was time to part ways but those guys filled the role in helping the Cavs grow from a crappy team to a mediocre-but-decent playoff team. Unless you get a Hall of Famer gift wrapped to you by a former teammate, odds are you aren’t going from worst to first really quickly. The Cavs and James had some growing pains to go through and Ferry’s free agent trio helped them through it.

Jones and Marshall hit some big 3s for the Cavaliers (Jones had a series winner against the Wizards) and I’m not sure they can beat the Pistons without Larry Hughes guarding Chauncey Billups. Ya, it was time to part ways last season, but as far as first moves go (and that was Ferry’s first summer on the job), it could’ve been worse. Plus, he’s learned from those mistakes and hasn’t overpaid a role player since (much to the chagrin of Dan Fegan and Anderson Varejao).

My problem, as far as Danny Ferry goes, is that I wonder if I now have to relook at the Ron Harper trade. I mean, if the Cavs don’t trade Harper for Ferry, does he still become Cleveland’s GM? If he spends most of his career in LA with the Clippers (or goes somewhere else), I’m not sure he’s playing with Dan Gilbert’s money. Sure, he could’ve caught on with the Spurs eventually and become a GM prospect, but Ferry met his wife here and he has ties to the area. Without those ties, is he eager to come here? I dunno.

Though it wasn’t his fault, I (along with many other Cavalier fans- and Lenny Wilkens) hated Ferry for the Harper trade. If he builds the Cavs roster that wins a championship, I’ll probably have to forgive and forget. I’m not pleased about it (I’ve been hating on that trade for the bulk of my life), but I like to think that I’ll be in a forgiving mood throughout a championship celebration. I’d love to test that theory…

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