This is kinda lame:

It’s a site run by the Cavaliers, not a fan site (kinda like CavsFanatic– which is sorta similar to RCF, no?), which makes it 1,000x less clever/cute. (Also, I’ve been doing the dry “LeBron James is good at basketball” shit for years. Just sayin’).

Look, I get that the organization wants to support its players. And that’s good (and encouraged) but they sometimes go a bit over the top (like with the Mo Williams all-star snub) and it begins to take away from the team.

Seriously, this team is crazy good. They’re one of a handful of teams that has a real chance of winning the title. All the individual awards are cool and it would be nice to have…. but I dunno about you, but if LeBron wins MVP, Mike Brown gets coach of year, Ferry nets GM of the year and Wally Szczerbiak wins the Derek Zoolander lookalike contest without the Cavs, you know, WINNING THE FREAKING NBA TITLE, none of this matters. It’s all kinda neat, but the title is the key.

You want respect? Go earn it. Stop whining about snubs and publicly pushing LeBron for MVP. (FYI- he’s gonna win it anways). If they keep winning, the awards will follow. Just keep winning.

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