The fuck was that?

Wow. Losing the Wizards? Not good, but I can accept it. You can’t win every game and the Wizards were all geared up. That’s fine.

And even losing to Orlando, I can take it. It’s at least understandable, the Magic are a really good team.


Being down by 40 points? No. Nuh-uh. Not acceptable. These last two games… Christ… The effort has been awful, the offense has been stagnant (I say we try more 3s!) and the defense was consistently late (I’m fairly certain that Rashard Lewis is still open).

Also, I think I know why Coach Mike let all five starters play the entire 3rd period, but I think it’s stupid. I would’ve rather him just sub all five guys out at once. Just send in a completely new five. I’d rather just save their minutes. The game wasn’t close, Orlando was getting everything they wanted and they were forcing the Cavs into tough shots at the other end.

However, I don’t want to dwell on these two losses. Yes, they’ve been ugly as fuck, but it’s just two games. It just happens to have occurred at the end of the season…


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