Would he still get a ring?

He’s officially former-Cavalier Eric Snow:

The Cavs have made a “medically necessary” release of veteran guard Eric Snow on Sunday. It indicates the NBA has approved the team’s disability claim for his left knee, wiping him off the books for luxury tax purposes.

In insurance and tax savings, the Cavs will reduce their payroll nearly $11 million with the decision, which has been in the works for about a year.

If the Cavs would be fortunate enough to win a title, does Snow still get a ring? I remember that Boston gave Nomar a ring in 2004, even though he was traded mid-season (random note: I was actually in Boston the day he got dealt. I was attending Last Dispatch).

In other news, I actually fell asleep watching the Cavs-Spurs game last night (tivo). From what I saw, LeBron came out smoking hot (poor Michael Finley) and the Cavs actually played defense. I’m also glad we didn’t see any pregame fake photo opts.

Also, I’m mixed on the Darnell Jackson emergence. I’ll grant you, he’s probably smarter player than J.J. Hickson, but he doesn’t have ceiling. With Varejao out (not for long) and Wallace still rehabbing, I was hoping we’d see some more J.J. But guess not. However, I do like Jackson, he’s tough, he’s always in position and he does the little things. J.J. is probably flashier, but he won’t box out Lamar Odom.

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