You better be

That’s awesome. LeBron using the shoe as the bat may be my favorite. But Mo running up to the camera is pretty funny too. The Cleveland Cavaliers fan in me loves this. It’s a bunch of players I’ve followed fairly closely (at least in previous seasons. HAR!) having a good time. It probably didn’t take that long to film and it was just some guys goofing off.

The Cleveland Cavaliers fan in me loves this. The bitter Cleveland sports fan in me isn’t nearly as amused.

Look, this team hasn’t won shit. They’ve had a great season and things seem to be breaking their way. But when you do stuff like this and the pre-game picture routine, you better make sure you follow through with a title. If this squad blows it, what do we do? If not now, then when?

I appreciate the fact that stuff like this will endure these players to a whole generation of fans (and this city needs some actual Cavaliers fans), but I’m just worried about focus. Even with the Pistons looking like shit, there’s every chance we could be tied 2-2 coming back to Cleveland (who would’ve thought Atlanta wouldn’t get swept after the first two last year?).

I dunno, maybe I’m overreacting, but as much as I enjoy that clip (and I do think it’s endearing) I’d rather them cut out the cutesy stuff and take care of business.

Because if they don’t win the title, all of this crap will look mighty stupid.

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