Hey, I might actually watch some hockey tonight

and all it takes is a gritty playoff series, a Game 7 and the Magic/Bird of the NHL (and DVR- yes, I have Versus in my cable package. Who knew?).

I tried to get into the Blue Jackets this year, but just couldn’t do it. I like hockey, I really do. Some of my best memories of college is playing D-League (below A, B and C) intramural hockey at 1:30 AM. I wasn’t that good (though I hustled my ass/shoulder off), but a few of my friends were quite skilled and we even won multiple D-League championships (sadly, I couldn’t repay the favor in our intramural basketball league).

So I like hockey. I understand the game, I’ve played here and there. But I don’t watch.

Some of it is due to the fact that Cleveland didn’t have a NHL franchise when I was young. That’s how I chose my teams: if they played in Cleveland, I liked ’em. I wasn’t gonna jump to the Red Wings or the Penguins… I mean, fuck Detroit and Pittsburgh.

And now… well, I just don’t have the time. I follow basketball very closely, I keep up with baseball and football pretty well (despite the lack of updates to my fantasy baseball roster– Christ, you think I’m bad with the blog?!) and I have other interests as well. The NHL, not on ESPN, with no Cleveland team… meh.

I won’t bash hockey (or even soccer) but I will say I don’t (or rarely) watch. Maybe if I grew up in a town with an actual hockey team (Lumberjacks!) it would be different. I’d like to say that if I enjoy tonight’s game, I’ll watch more hockey in the future, but that’s a lie. You won’t see me jumping on the Blue Jackets bandwagon any time soon (though I wish all the best to my Columbus compadres).

Ya, it ain’t my sport, but even this guy is excited for a Game 7.

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