Music goodness

I haven’t written anything about music in quite a bit (or anything else for that matter) and I wanted to pass along a few things.

First off, a band named Underpaid Packy. Some of these guys are from Solon though they’re based in Champaign, Illinois. Since my friend produced/mixed the album at his studio, I’m kinda biased but the CD is really good (it’s been playing in my car nonstop for the past week and a half). I’m not sure what genre you’d put them in (jazzy pop rock? Early Billy Joel?), I just know I’m enjoying the hell out of their album. You can find some of their music at their myspace page but they have one of my favorite tracks streaming here.

Secondly, Paul Nowell, a friend from high school, wrote a theme song for the Ellen Degeneres Show and I must pass it along:

I’m proud to say I won some “Best trading solos” award (or something similar) in high school with Paul (we both played trombone) and he was (and is) way better than me. While I can honestly say I’ve never seen Ellen’s show, if this was the theme song, I’d at least consider it.

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