Random Thoughts from the Weekend

1. Sure glad I DVR’d that hockey game…

2. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen 9 outs of the Tribe’s season.

3. I’ve kept my eye on ’em, don’t get me wrong. But I’m not following along game-to-game. I just know they’re losing.

4. I don’t usually turn my full attention towards baseball until the Cavs are out of the playoffs (even then, maybe not til the Finals are over). Can’t say I feel like I’m missing out.

5. I recorded a podcast on Wednesday (it’ll be posted some time soon… right?) and made a vow not to discuss the Indians until Wedge is fired. So this may be the last Tribe talk you hear from me for the near future.

6. Speaking of Cleveland teams I’m angry with, I have almost no opinion on the Browns’ draft (I know, I’m late). I like the general idea of trading down and stockpiling warm bodies.

7. While this team has had problems with nailing picks, they’ve also had zero depth. Their starters have been decent, but once one guy gets hurts, it always seems like they’re signing guys off the street. Getting extra guys never hurt.

8. Also, it’ll be nice to root for Brian Robiskie in a Browns uni. I’m not a huge “Browns must pick Buckeyes!!!” guy, but I will admit that I dislike these guys ending up on the Steelers.

9. I decided not to DVR today’s Lakers-Rockets Game 7. Maybe that’s a dumb move, but I fully expect L.A. to win by 20+.

10. I did DVR the new Kobe documentary (Kobe Doin’ Work) but haven’t brought myself to watch it. I’m not sure I want to sit through a doc about a player I dislike.

11. I haven’t really thought about the Lakers losing to Houston, but if they did, Phil Jackson should take some of the blame.

12. Let’s not forget that Phil and Kobe have lost their last two final appearances. If they somehow manage to lose today, that should be a mark on both of their records. It’s been seven years since they’ve won anything.

13. As for Boston/Orlando… I’d rather face Boston (because beating the Celtics would just feel right) but I’ll also celebrate if they lose.

14. I do the same thing with Michigan in bowl games. Sure, it’s better for the Big Ten (thus, OSU) if Michigan wins their bowl game, but it’s not like I don’t enjoy a Michigan loss.

15. Honestly, I could see tonight’s game going either way. I could totally picture Boston riding the home crowd (coupled with an Orlando choke job) to a Game 7 victory.

16. I could also see a younger, angrier Orlando squad running a tired Celtic team ragged. If Dwight Howard actually shows up and take it to the Celtic bigs, then the Magic should be OK.

17. I’d guess the Cavs would rather face Boston. Either way, I don’t expect them to get through the next series unscathed. I like this squad a lot, but I’ll be shocked if they swept the next round.

18. I don’t think Mike Brown has gotten enough credit. I’ve had my issues with the guy in the past, but the job he’s done this year has been fantastic. He’s far and away Cleveland best coach since Mike Hargrove.

19. I’m still thinking about those 90s Cavs teams. You let Ron Harper age with Mark Price, Larry Nance and Brad Daugherty and you prolly see them win 60 games in 91-92.

20. Also, while moving I found my old Price and Daugherty rookie cards. Faaaaantastic.

21. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Cavs fans really hold any grudges against Craig Ehlo. The guy played his butt off for this squad for a number of years. People always forget that he scored the basket that gave the Cavs the lead before The Shot.

22. Bill Livingston reminds people that the Cavs can win some close games too. I’m not sure close wins against the Clippers and Warriors are the best examples to make when arguing that the Cavs are battle tested.

23. I’d rather have rest. Sure, this postseason has been a little boring so far, but I’d rather get guys like Ben Wallace healthy.

24. I like this move.

25. It’s finally happening… the beginning of the end of a series I started in 1995.

26. Will Ferrell hosted SNL last night and while they’ve had better Celebrity Jeopardy sketches, Saturday’s was fantastic. I thought the entire episode was really solid. There were some misses, but they weren’t cringe inducing.

27. Quick movie reviews: I really enjoyed Star Trek; there were moments that were kinda lame (I didn’t care for the beginning at all) but I had a great time. I also liked Wolverine… wasn’t great, but it wasn’t Daredevil either. As for DVDS, just saw The Spirit. Did not like. The visuals were neat but it was overly campy and a little bit dumb. However, I did really really really like Frost/Nixon. Can’t recommend it enough.

28. I’m enjoying these Dos Equis commericals more than I care to admit. It’s like Chuck Norris jokes written by actual writers.

29. Also, these Kobe-LeBron ads ain’t bad either.

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