About last night

First of all, I’m kinda pissed that the Clippers got the number 1 pick. Really? The Clippers? I know some Cavs fans were worried about Washington snagging that pick (and Blake Griffin) but I would’ve been OK with it. At least if Griffin goes to Washington or Oklahoma City things would be interesting.

Adding Griffin to Caron Butler, Gilbert Arenas and co. would’ve been nice. Or you put him in Oklahoma City and you at least have a shot of building a contender around Kevin Durant before he could walk.

But the Clippers? With Memphis at number 2? Stern is losing his touch.

As for the game, the Nuggets showed why they’re the Nuggets. They outplayed the Lakers for most of this game. They were more aggressive, they attacked the Laker defense and they showed why people think they could win this series. However, they missed a ton of free throws and made some bone head plays down the stretch (K-Mart fouling Kobe on a reach in, George Karl having Anthony Carter inbound the ball against a much bigger defender) allowing the Lakers to come back and steal the game.

I will say this: it was nice to see Carmelo Anthony on a big stage. I know everyone wants a Kobe-LeBron Finals, but LeBron-Melo wouldn’t be bad either. Hell, I actually think that’d be a more intersting matchup. This whole Kobe-LeBron “rivarly” seems sorta forced to me. At least LeBron and Melo are actually friends (and the same draft class, close in age, etc).

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