Some Quick Morning After Thoughts

A) While I’m not as apocalyptic as Brian, I agree 100% about LeBron in the post. It’s really frustrating to watch the Cavs build leads off of LeBron in the post, only to see James dribbling the ball for 20 seconds when they need a score late. Also, the Cavs fought back by putting LeBron on the block. Why go away from this?

B) Stop having LeBron guard Rafer Alston. This should’ve happened a few games ago. LeBron keeps floating off of Rafer to go guard other guys and it’s leaving the streaky shooter wide open. Plus, in transition, the Cavs have a hard time matching up quickly because they’re chasing after guys who aren’t guarding them. Just stick Bron-Bron on Turkoglu and have Williams or West guard Alston. You can’t allow this guy to shoot uncontested treys all game.

C) Why the fuck does the offense keep breaking down? The Cavs made a conscious effort early in the game to keep LeBron off the ball. They had a 8 point lead at halftime. But by the end of the 3rd period, it was all LeBron, all the time. Mo Williams was nowhere to be found down the stretch and the Cavs kept letting Bron-Bron initiate the offense 20 feet from the rim.

D) Maybe I’m a dumb optimist, but I still think the Cavs got a shot. These have all been really close games and the Cavs have had late (late late) leads in two of the losses. They’ve put themselves in a hole where they gotta win three in a row against the Magic. Not good. But the Cavs can win at home. They can compete in Orlando. And if they can somehow get things back for a Game 7, anything could happen. I just don’t feel that this squad is done. I just don’t see it.

E) I still refuse to feel sorry for myself as a Cleveland fan. Not yet. That was a phenomenal game and it’s been a good series. I simply don’t believe that this team is done just yet. Not yet. (Please?!)

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