Game 5

First off, I have a new podcast up where we discuss Games 4 and 5 of Cavs/Magic.

I’m fairly confident about tonight’s game. The Cavs played well in Game 4 and while they’ve lost three games thus far, they’ve had a chance in every contest. The Cavs should be able to come out and defend their home court.

I’m fairly optimistic about the Cavs chances in this series. I know it’s a long shot, but hell, does anyone remember two years ago? Tribe-Red Sox? Indians up 3-1, C.C. and Carmona were the next two starters… What did Boston do?

Look, I know we’re Cleveland. When our team is up 3-1, we lose. When our team is on the other end, it’s too big of a hole.

I’m not as sour on the current situation as others and I think the Cavs have a fairly decent shot of playing one more game at home before they’re done.

The big thing to look for tonight (for me anyways) is to see who they have LeBron defending. If it were up to me, I’d stick him Hedo Turkoglu. West has done a decent job, but he’s too short and it allows Hedo to see (and shoot) over him (especially on the move). Plus, when the Cavs transition to defense, they often have a hard time picking up Rafer Alston. Just stick LeBron on Hedo and be done with it. Sure, they can still switch, but it’s better giving up height AND not guarding a guy.

We’ll see…

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