LeBron is good. Jesus… 37-14-12. Wow.

I’m a little concerned about the 1 v 5 offense, but at least he was catching the ball around the stripe. He can take one dribble and get to the rim. And if he settles? It’s a jumper he’s been knocking down all series (and it’s not a long trey).

They have to play faster for the whole game. And I’d STILL move LeBron to Turkoglu. He’s just too big for Delonte. Hopefully they can continue the early offense and allow LeBron to expend some energy guarding Hedo. I simply don’t think they win in Orlando without a defensive switch.

Also, this whole “well, if LeBron is doing that then what can you do? we’ll just shake his hand after the game” goes both ways. Yes, LeBron was insane down the stretch, scoring or assisting on Cleveland’s last 31 points. And if you’re Orlando, yes, you just gotta tip your hat and say good game.

But the Magic have had these moments throughout this entire series. If Mickael Pietrus keeps hitting ridiculous shots, Rafer Alston is banking treys and Dwight Howard goes 14-19 from the stripe… well, you gotta tip your hat too.

Yes, the Cavs “barely” won with James going nuts down the stretch. But the Magic dropped 17 treys in Game 4 and had to win in overtime. These games have all been really close! These are both really really good teams!! It’s going to take an extraordinary effort to advance to the NBA Finals.

Things feel a bit better, right? You believe they got a shot in Game 6, no? Before the series started, if I had asked you if you thougth the Cavs would have to win a road game to move on, you probably would’ve agreed, no? The Cavs were going to have to win a game in Orlando to get to the Finals.

Now, they’ve got no choice.

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