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So the Cavs grabbed some dude from the Congo with the 30th pick. Who’s excited? Anyone? Whoo! (Though Danny Green at 46 makes some sense).

So the Cavs are gonna need a power forward who can shoot, right? I mean, in LA, Shaq had Robert Horry knocking down open looks and in Miami he had Udonis Haslem and Antoine Walker spreading the floor. The Cavs have got…. ya…

My pick would be Charlie Villanueva. He’s young, he can shoot and he may even want to be here:

It’s clear that Villanueva is well aware of the Bucks’ difficulties in trying to re-sign him this summer, when he will be a restricted free agent. It’s possible the Bucks won’t even be able to make a one-year qualifying offer of $4.6 million, which they are required to do by June 30 if they want to retain the right to match offers by other clubs.

Bucks general manager John Hammond has stated the team will not exceed the luxury tax level to re-sign its free agents.

Villanueva was asked what he thought about the possibility of joining the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are expected to make some lineup changes after being ousted by Orlando in six games in the Eastern Conference finals. The Cavs were bitterly disappointed at falling short of the Finals after posting the best regular-season mark in the NBA with 66 victories.

“I understand the situation Milwaukee is in financially,” Villanueva told Coleman. “They don’t want to go over the cap or what not (actually the luxury tax level). Whatever team decides to make the best offer, I’m going to think about it.

“Cleveland definitely is not a bad spot. I’ve played with LeBron. I played with LeBron in the McDonald’s All-American Game, and we played well together. Is there a possibility? Yes. Will it happen? Time will tell.”

Coleman asked Villanueva if he could be a difference-maker in helping Cleveland reach the NBA Finals.

“I think I would be able to help out a lot,” Villanueva said, “just the fact I bring my versatility and create mismatch problems. One of the reasons Orlando is in the Finals is because of Rashard Lewis. They have a legitimate big man (Dwight Howard) that demands attention, and they surround him with guys that can play on the perimeter.”

That was pre-trade. Now that the Bucks saved all that money, surely they’ll make that qualifying offer, right?

Before the trade, it was anticipated that the Bucks’ most dire needs for next season would be at power forward and point guard, since it appeared likely they would lose restricted free agents Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions.

But the deal, which brought the Bucks some financial flexibility, is casting a different light on that free-agent situation. And, with Jefferson gone, the Bucks are now thin at small forward.

It’s still highly unlikely the Bucks will make a $4.6 million qualifying offer to Villanueva, since that would lock them back up in fiscal handcuffs.

Hmmm… me likey.

And then there’s this:Yes, Charlie. We DO need a power forward. One with range… who’s athletic…

Just sayin’

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