$7 million per ain’t terrible

Who says players won’t sign long term deals in Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers have come to an agreement with free agent Anderson Varejao on a six-year deal, his agent Dan Fegan told ESPN.com.

Varejao’s contract is worth $42.5 million over the six years, and the final year is only partially guaranteed. Incentives could push the total amount to $50 million.

I think $6 million per would’ve been perfect, but I can live with $7 mil.

While signing Varejao is nice (sorta), there’s other news as well:

The Cavs have also agreed to terms with Toronto free agent Anthony Parker. The final figures of the deal are not set, but he will receive a portion of the $5.8 midlevel exception for either two or three years.

The Cavs hope to sign Channing Frye with the remainder of their midlevel exception.

This is somewhat interesting. I’m not opposed to Anthony Parker, it just mattered at what price. And if the Cavs are hoping to split their midlevel between two players, then that means they aren’t overpaying for someone like Parker (not a stylish pick up, but a servicable player nonetheless).

As for Channing Frye, I really don’t know. He has the on court skill set (decent jumper) to compliment Shaq and Bron-Bron, but I don’t know if he’s got the mental toughness. We’ll see I guess, I remember he had a nice rookie year and then he kinda dropped off my radar.

I still think their best at adding major talent is through trading Big Z(‘s contract).

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