I know it’s post-trade PR, but I don’t disagree

Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan:

“After we traded Cliff, we had made a commitment toward a new direction for the franchise,” he said. “At that point, you don’t go halfway. We needed to make moves that put us in the best position to compete as soon as possible. The sense was in our organization that Vic [Martinez] was at his highest value and what we got back in return put us in a better position than we would have been had we kept them.”

As much as I hated the Martinez trade, I have to agree here. The Tribe already tried the contend+rebuild combo (Matt Lawton!!) and it sucked. I’m all for tearing down and starting over. If you’re gonna do it, go all the way.

Now, there’s the flip-side to consider. When it’s time for the Tribe to contend, you gotta go balls to the wall there as well. If the 2012 Tribe is looking good and needs and extra bat, you trade whatever prospect you can to go get that bat (and it can’t be Kenny Lofton again).

I’m all for going 100% into rebuilding mode. Just make sure you go 100% into “Win the Fucking World Series” mode when it’s time.

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