First, they’re listed as co-starters, which is neat:

The Browns released an unofficial depth chart Tuesday in advance of Saturday’s preseason opener in Green Bay, and Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are listed as co-starters as quarterback.

I guess this means that they’ve been even? Awesome. Neither one has stepped up. I was kinda hoping we’d know who was starting in the first preseason game… but no:

Neither Brady Quinn nor Derek Anderson has pulled ahead in the Browns’ quarterback battle, but the competition kicks into high gear Saturday night with the preseason opener in Green Bay.

“I think it reinforces the whole concept of why you have to let the body of work play out,” said Browns coach Eric Mangini. “They’re very competitive. They’re both making strides in different areas. As we talked about a long time ago, you have to really see who does separate themselves from the other one. When that time comes, it will be clear, and that’s why you wait to make a decision.”

Ugh. This feel like Romeo’s coin flip to anyone else? That neither QB has taken a lead and that they don’t feel comfortable naming a starter?

I mean, I know we’ll see who’s ahead when the offense takes the field against the Packers. But I would’ve really liked one of the two guys to pull ahead. Especially Quinn, he’s worked really hard for this competetion.

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