2 = 0

Welcome back to football, Browns fans!

While neither QB looked great, Quinn at least should’ve had a touchdown, but Braylon Edwards looked in mid-season form as he dropped a ball that hit him square in the hands. As for Anderson… ugh. He did not look good.

Meanwhile, the defense got abused (though Green Bay is really good) and the new coach is saying stuff like this:

“I told the players before the game what I wanted to see was smart football, wanted to see toughness, and wanted to see us be able to out-hustle our opponent,” Mangini said. “I don’t really think we achieved any of those objectives.

“We weren’t very good in any of the three phases. I don’t think we did a good job coaching. The only way it’s going to be corrected is with hard work.”

So they weren’t tough or well coached, they didn’t out-hustle their opponents and they didn’t play smart football.


Gonna be another fun year.

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