Gonna be a long year

LeBron James:

“My loyalty is to Akron. I’m looking forward to this upcoming season, but I’m looking forward to the summer of 2010, too, to see what may happen. No matter what happens that summer, you know, I’m still here. I’ve got a nice big house here that I’m always coming back to. You know, I love this city and I’ll always give back to this city no matter what my profession; if it takes me somewhere else.”

Preparing to leave? I dunno, maybe?

Brian Windhorst adds this:

Hey, Brian: With all of the talk about the Knicks, Nets and Clippers, why isn’t there more talk about Miami as a possible destination for LeBron? With their available cap room, it appears they would have enough room to sign Dwyane Wade, Lebron and Bosh or another very good player in 2010. I hope it doesn’t happen, but if LeBron is indeed worried about winning first and foremost, doesn’t this seem like the best option for him? — Erik Bell, Columbia, S.C.

Hey, Erik: Glad you mentioned that, I actually think the Heat are sort of a sleeping giant for next summer. Pat Riley has sort of bit the bullet this summer, other than making an offer to Lamar Odom which was not accepted. By not spending money now and perhaps spinning wheels the Heat may be in perfect position to add someone alongside Wade next summer because they have a nice core and a great location.

Ask any NBA executive outside New York and he’ll probably tell you the Heat, Nets and Clippers all will have more attractive situations than the Knicks when it comes to the roster next summer. All that said, my feeling is the only place LeBron would consider leaving for at this juncture in his career would be New York. Key word there being “consider.”

Not gonna lie, the Miami scenario scares me. However, if LeBron goes to the Heat, he’ll be joining Dwyane Wade; he’s going to Wade’s territory. Would that work? Would he play second fiddle to Wade? Seems doubtful. So LeBron just takes over Wade’s team? Could be weird.

Then again, he’d get to play basketball in Miami freaking Florida. Sounds like that could be fun. Or maybe too much.

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