Now THIS I can agree with

Yahoo called last season’s Cavs squad the Best Team to Not Win the Title. I disagreed.

Now, they call the 02-03 Cavalier squad (1 yr before LeBron) one of the 10 Worst NBA Squads of the Past Decade:

4. 2002-03 Cleveland Cavaliers

John Lucas was brought in to do one thing, and one thing well. Lose. Blow the whole season. Deal with awful uniforms, Dajuan Wagner as your lottery pick, Ricky Davis, Darius Miles, Smush Parker and all the ping-pong balls you can handle by May. This was one messed-up team.

Heh. I’m perversely proud to say that I saw one of that squad’s 17 wins in person (vs Golden State). I still remember the ride home, for some reason Ron Harper was in town and was on WTAM’s post game show chatting it up with Mike Snyder. Snyder asked Ron to show him one of his championship rings (Ron obliged) and then they lamented that Harper never had the chance to win one while in Cleveland (as the strong urge to vomit nearly makes me crash the car).

Good times, good times.

(that was also the game I got weird looks for yelling at Ricky Davis for getting either a half court or inbounds violation. I was quite loud and angry and I swear half the arena looked at me like I was crazy. You can’t imagine how quite the Gund used to be).

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