Wait, huh?

In an interesting article from SI about LeBron’s movie, book and future, I find this:

The LeBron-Shaq marriage has just begun and already some are predicting a break-up.

James and O’Neal have known each other for eight years, but other than an All-Star game, they’ve never been teammates. That changed when the Cavaliers traded for Shaq in June, uniting two of the game’s dominant players — and larger-than-life personalities.

What’s not to love?

“I’m so excited about Shaq,” James said. “Something I haven’t had in my career is a dominant force in the paint, a guy I can go to and he’s going to get us something good. He’s the most dominant force to ever play the game, and to have him on my team, I’m humbled.”

Their pairing seems ideal, but it will be a test.

While O’Neal has shared the spotlight with Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade, James’ kingdom has never been shared like it’s about to be.

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