Anyone? Bueller?

Does anyone out there have a good feeling about the Ohio State-USC game on Saturday?

I’m not in panic mode just yet. USC’s big first win doesn’t really scare me. And I don’t think Ohio States “close call” against Navy is all that much to worry about either (mostly because Navy has that weird offense and a couple fluky/big plays happened real close together).

But I’m not anywhere near what you would call ‘confidant’. I mean, can any “real” (re: non-moronic) Ohio State fan be anywhere North of “cautiously optimistic”? I have friends who are absolutely terrified of Saturday’s game.

This is a big game for Ohio State and coach Jim Tressel. They’ve blown some games (and gotten blown out) against top ranked out of conference schools (Florida, LSU, USC) and another loss could really hurt the school (and the Big Ten).

I guess you could mark me down for cautiously optimistic. USC is starting a true freshman against Ohio States defense. That has to count for something, right? (nevermind that USC may not even need to throw the ball- their running game DOES scare me). Pryor looks like he’s the real deal (despite his Mike Vick love).

The big thing for the Buckeyes will be to get off to a good start. Don’t get down 7-0 (or 10/14-0) and take the crowd out of it. If the crowd can keep the pressure on the Trojans and Pryor can make a play or two, Ohio State has a shot.

Has a shot.

That’s not good sign, eh? If x, y and z happen, OSU has a got a chance. Awesome.

Anyone out there wanna tell me why Ohio State will beat USC? Anybody?

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