This small market thing is really holding LeBron back

LeBron James is set to star in a crappy movie:

LeBron James will play himself in another movie called “Fantasy Basketball Camp,” a Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment comedy, according to Variety.

Brian Grazer is producing. Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel are writing the script. Shooting for the film is scheduled for next summer.

Fantasy Basketball Camp is a comedy about five guys from different backgrounds who come to Vegas to live out their fantasy by attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp.

Good for LeBron, I guess.

Now, obviously, I’d rather James spend his time working on some post moves than making mediocre movies, but that’s me. Now, LeBron could follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps and use the down time on set (which, from my limited experience on WSM?, there’s a ton) and get himself in ridiculous shape:

Jordan spent hours away from the set inside a temporary indoor gymnasium Warner Bros. built near the studio especially for Jordan. NBA stars such as Reggie Miller and Magic Johnson stopped by for pickup games, and Jordan worked out with trainer Tim Grover. It was in that mini-gym where Jordan, committed to reshaping his body for basketball after a foray into baseball, would lay the groundwork for the Bulls’ 1995-96 championship season.

Pytka called the gym the “Jordan Dome,” and the director took great pains to stay on a strict production schedule that called for Jordan to start filming at 9 a.m., work till 1 p.m., break two hours for lunch and a workout, and end the day no later than 6 p.m.

One last thing, the filming is supposed to take place next summer. We’re all aware of next summer, right? Summer 2010. Summer of LeBron. So, in addition to teasing every NBA market, he’s also going to be filming a crappy movie. Awesome.

It’s gonna be a freaking circus.

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