Delonte Insurance

Brian Windhorst:

Even before Delonte West was facing a possible suspension after he was arrested and charged with illegal gun possession last week it was arguable the team could use another ball handler. Mo Williams and West are the only two players on the team that have proven they can play point guard. Daniel Gibson has done it but hasn’t proven he can be effective. Last season the Cavs’ third-string point guard was Tarence Kinsey, who was released in July.

It is believed the team had some interest in former Cav Flip Murray before Thursday when he agreed to a contract with the Charlotte Bobcats. There are several other veteran guards who are without jobs as the league prepares to open camps Monday.

The list includes players like Chucky Atkins, Juan Dixon, Bobby Jackson, Jerry Stackhouse and Jacque Vaughn. It is also possible the team will look to trade for a guard or simply stand pat.

I figure this has to be in response to West’s arrest. Hell, I’m not against making Jackson or Stackhouse the 12th man anyways regardless of West. However, the Cavs haven’t had the best of luck signing older vets for the end of the bench role (David Wesley, Scott Pollard). But if the Cavs think Delonte may miss some serious time, this could end up being a rotation player.

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