They’re Back

Some quick thoughts on the Cavs preseason opener:

– LeBron knocked down some open jumpers (one off a curl) and set up in the mid-post a few times. Me gusta. Though, truth be told, it’s great and all that LeBron has been working on the block, but if he’s going 1-on-5 come playoff time, it’s all for naught.

– Anderson Varejao is going to have to keep his eyes peeled whenever Shaq has the ball. He should get a lot of opportunities with LeBron and Shaq on the floor.

– Z is gonna kill backup centers.

– The 2nd unit of Boobie-Green-Moon-Hickson-Z looks like a pre-LeBron Cavaliers first unit.

– J.J. Hickson looked good. I have really high hopes for this kid. He knocked down a faceup from 15 feet and he crashed the boards really well.

– The Cavs are gonna block a ton of shots this year. Newcomers Shaq and Moon will block a ton and if Hickson gets playing time… look out. (Oh ya, LeBron and Z will swat a few as well).

– Repeat after me: Daniel Gibson is not a point guard. Daniel Gibson is not a point guard.

– Danny Green made some nice plays, but he was rushing a bit. Which, I guess, is to be expected from a rookie’s first time out on an NBA court.

– When Shaq was on the bench, he was always seated between Varejao and assistant Chris Jent. I don’t know if that means anything, but Shaq and Jent had their heads together all game.

– The Cavs will struggle at the line. LeBron and Shaq are going to get a lot of teams in foul trouble. LeBron and Shaq are going to shoot a lot of free throws. LeBron and Shaq are going to miss a lot of free throws. It could get ugly. Especially if Andy gets in on the act. I’d like to see them draw up some plays that will net Mo Williams some freebies.

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