This says it all

From an article discussing the possibility of trading Brady Quinn:

Quinn, on the other hand, can’t get on the field in place of a quarterback who now has one touchdown pass, five interceptions and a league-worst 39.0 rating. Quinn, who started against some of the best teams and defenses in the NFL — the 5-0 Vikings, 5-0 Broncos and 3-2 Ravens — has better numbers than Anderson with one touchdown, three interceptions, a 60.8 completion percentage to Anderson’s 46.4, and a 62.9 rating

(Let’s not forget that in the the Browns wasted a Quinn redzone possession by running the same Josh Cribbs direct snap on 2nd and 3rd down. Romeo-esque).

Ugh. I was actually angry that a lot of my friends had these “yay!!! Browns win!!” as their Facebook status. I dunno about you, but I wasn’t happy after that game. I’m absolutely pissed that I not only watched that whole game, but that I DVR’d the game so I wouldn’t miss anything. Woo!!

By the way, the Browns didnt’ win, the Bills lost. The Browns had no business winning that game, but the Bills definitely deserved to lose. I especially enjoyed the timeout at the end of the 3rd quarter (forcing the Browns to kick into the wind), followed by the return man running backwards 15 yards and concluding with a ‘3 and out’ with a 15 yard penalty tacked on at the end. Well done. As a Cleveland fan, I salute you. I almost missed the Crennelephant for a second.

As for Quinn vs DA, I’d still rather see Quinn take his lumps on a bad team than watch DA. Now, maybe Anderson is better suited for this talentless squad, but I can’t help but think that Quinn has gotten a raw deal (however, if he wouldn’t have held out, he would’ve won the job his rookie year, easily). Anderson has moved the ball, sure. But if we’re judging him by the same standard we judged Brady, it’s time for Brett Ratliff, no?

On one hand, a win is a win. But on the other hand, they scored 6 points and the QB was 2-17… I don’t understand feeling good about last week, I just don’t. They won because the Bills had 39 false starts and couldn’t get out of their own way.

Bottom line: this team is a mess. The defense wasn’t awful (in fact, quite good), though I fully expected Buffalo to score on what should’ve their final drive, but the Browns got bailed by Roscoe Parrish muffing the punt. Once again, the special teams is the best unit on the squad. The new Browns: extra special. Ugh.

On the other hand, the Cavs sure do look good, eh?

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