This is Dumb

No no no no no no no:

The Browns are believed to be unwilling to trade Cribbs before Tuesday’s deadline, a source said. They prefer to hang onto him and perhaps work out a deal in the future. Cribbs is the prototypical player for coach Eric Mangini, one who has tremendous passion for the game.

The source said two teams inquired on Thursday about trading for Cribbs. The Palm Beach, Fla., Post reported that two of the teams interested in Cribbs are Kansas City and Oakland. Indianapolis has also been mentioned., citing a league source, reported the Jaguars and 49ers are also interested.

But unless they make the Browns an offer they can’t refuse, nothing is likely to happen by Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline.

The Dayton Daily News reported the Miami Dolphins expressed interest.

No. You don’t trade Josh Cribbs. He and Joe Thomas are the only things worth a damn on this squad. Cribbs is the sole reason this team gets in the endzone; if he doesn’t get it there himself, he give their shitty offense great field position. They lose Cribbs and they may not see the endzone until 2010.

Just pay the guy. Is this really that difficult? Pay the man.

Also, either figure out how to use Cribbs on offense or move him to safety. Hint: use the wildcat more than once a game (and not back to back) and let him throw it every now and then. Another hint: he’s not a wideout, his hands aren’t good enough and he’s not a good route runner. But imagine him on defense… taking out receivers coming over the middle, coming around on a blindside blitz… the man is a beast.

Don’t you dare trade him.

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