This is Dumb

Sam Smith:

Well, at least I’m fairly sure now where LeBron James is going to be playing next season.

Los Angeles, most likely with the Lakers.

Stay with me a bit here, and when the Bulls are in Cleveland Thursday for the TNT national TV game with the Cavs, I doubt LeBron will have much to say on the subject. And this is hardly an overreaction to the Cavs slogging out of the starting gate this season with two losses and looking ready for pasture.


Don’t worry, his reasoning is solid:

And, really, everyone wants to play in L.A. The weather is fabulous. You can be a star and have privacy because there are so many other stars. And then when you want to be a star you can because it is a city of stars. And basketball is by far No. 1, the only big city in the U.S. where you can say that. Plus, owner Jerry Buss knows stars sell and has been the most successful at recruiting and paying for stars.


The Lakers certainly have no salary cap room. They are in no position to pay James, which remains the No. 1 priority for all free agents. James just has to explain to the Cavs he’s leaving. If they don’t accommodate him, he’s going to New York or Miami and they get nothing. But if they do in a sign and trade to save the franchise, they get a young, potential All-Star center in Andrew Bynum. Maybe Lamar Odom as well or Ron Artest. Draft picks, some pieces like Jordan Farmar. The Cavs can compete in the East with a star center and some pieces added to what they have. It’s better than nothing as cap room doesn’t mean anything in Cleveland. No one’s going there.

Sure, they have no money, a shot hogging superstar, but LeBron has GOT TO LEAVE THE CAVS!!! He hates it here. It’s awful. They even lost their first two games.

This boggles the mind. At least when Bill Simmons proposes that James heads to the Clippers, he has better reasoning than ‘the weather is nice’ (nice young talent, take a franchise to new heights, etc). And honestly, I’d rather have LeBron leave than have the Cavs actually deal him for…. Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest, a few 31st overall draftpicks and Jordan Farmar.

And let’s remember, 2010 isn’t far off any more. For this trade to go down, it’ll have to happen this February. Does anyone really that the Cavaliers will be so far out of contention come February that they’d even entertain the idea of trading him? Let alone actually doing it…

This is going to be one long, dumb season. Your move, Adrian Wojnarowski.

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