Time Warner ate My Homework

Saw only bits and parts of last nights game but I figured with the DVR, I’d be ok. Guess not. Here’s some quick bits from what I saw:

– J.J. Hickson first half: shitty defense, nice offense.

– J.J. Hickson second half: tough defense down the stretch, offense still good.

– I don’t give a damn about the whole state of M*ch*g*n…

– As a team, the defense stunk in the first half. The Pacers had 61 at halftime; the Cavs couldn’t stop the pick-and-roll, the Pacers got any shot they and they made a whole bunch of ’em (meanwhile, the Cavs were red hot too and poured in 66).

– LeBron is a beast. 40-9-8. I really liked his activity around the rim (he got a big offensive board late).

– … the whole state of M*ch*g*n

– Late in the game Mike Brown subbed Varejao out for Hickson, after Andy committed a dumb foul while going for an offensive board. Now, I get that Varejao did something stupid… but Z finished the game 1-12. Why not play Hickson and Andy together (especially with Hickson playing so well defensively). Mo-AP-LeBron-J.J.-Varejao is not a bad five. They should be able to play both half court and run.

– Danny Granger (19-9-5) vs LeBron is always a nice matchup. The Pacers usually give the Cavs a good run for their money and they are definitely a team I don’t want to see in the first round (not scared that the Cavs would lose but they’ll have to work for it).

– … the whole state of M*ch*g*n

– Mo was just 3-11 from the floor but 11-11 from the line. Williams isn’t always going to make all of his jumpers so the Cavs have to figure out was for him to get foul shots. He’ll make most of his freebies. However, Williams has not been good defensively. Teams definitely look to put him in pick-and-roll situations. T.J. Ford abused Williams (after Earl Boykins had his way against him in DC).

– Delonte was active but didn’t play. They miss last years Delonte (though Anthony Parker has grown on me).

– I don’t give a damn about the whole state of M*ch*g*n

– Cause I’m from OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Note to ESPN: LeBron is a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan. Does this factor into his plans next year? Or is it only pro teams that determine where LeBron will play in 2010)

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