This Team is a Joke

What an all around awful game. The defense was terrible, the offense was abysmal and the special teams were non-existent. I really hope I don’t see people defending the defense (since they only gave up 16 points). The Bengals ran for 210 yards with Cedric Benson on the bench. Terrible.

Brady Quinn did not look good. He rarely threw downfield (for what it’s worth, the playing was horrendous) and his quick throws were wildly inaccurate. Not that his inaccuracy mattered, since the Browns’ receivers couldn’t catch the simplest of passes.

Neither Quinn nor Derek Anderson have gotten any favors from the receiving corps. Patrick McManamon:

Quinn is throwing to a rookie, a guy who was acquired via trade four games into the season, and a special-teams returner being forced into a receiver’s role.

Ya, that about sums it up.

Also, what does Offensive Coordinator Brian Dabol have to do to get fired? What a terrible game plan. To his credit, the Browns ran some nice plays on their one scoring drive (a Cribbs-to-Quinn pass and a QB draw for the TD) but he followed it up with a drive that consisted of 3 horizontal passes to Cribbs for no yards. Just awful.

This season can’t end soon enough.

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