We’re going with Tait

See, I just dropped my cable. Can’t afford it. Hours at work got cut, living alone… I simply can’t afford cable and DVR (this may come as a shock to none of you, but I don’t make any money from this site). And really, I rarely watch TV. I record a few shows like Venture Bros, 30 Rock and Always Sunny, but those can be downloaded (both legally and illegally) and I mainly want/need the cable/DVR combo for LeBron and the Cavs.

So I look into NBA League Pass Broadband. Looks sweet enough: pick 7 teams, watch them live (with DVR) and there’s a full season archive available (which is nice, because I work nights and miss games live- like tonight). But here’s the problem: the blackouts. If I get the league pass, every Cavaliers game (regardless if home or away) is blacked out (since I live in Cleveland). Every. Single. Game (including the archives). So…. sweet.

That’s where I am at the moment. I really have no clue what I’m gonna do about Cavs games and this blog (well, game recaps. I’m still gonna post my same infrequent bullshit). Despite my absences here and there, I really do enjoy writing this blog but I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to write about Cavs games without, you know, actually seeing the games.

So I have no idea. Maybe call Time Warner (yet again) and see what cheap package I can get that has FSNOhio and then mess around with a VCR. Maybe I’ll become an alcoholic and hang out at bars every night. Or maybe I’ll get the second job or a fulltime position at CCPL and be able to afford cable/DVR. I dunno. At the very least, I get to reacquaint myself with the wonderful(ly cranky) Joe Tait. So there’s that (which isn’t terrible).

Anyways, I did not see the Cavs demolishing of the Suns and I missed seeing my favorite uniforms (from the Price-Daugherty years). Ilgauskas led the Cavs in scoring (with 14) while six other Cavs scored in double figures (plus Varejao had 9 and both Delonte and Jamario had 8 apiece).

The main story is the fact Z became the franchise’s leader in games played (and third in scoring, behind Daugherty and LeBron) but didn’t seem particularly happy afterward:

“I was very disappointed,” said Ilgauskas, “that I didn’t play in the last game. I know I’m a good player and I could have been impacted the outcome. What made me more disappointed were some acts that followed … I’m not going to go in any details. I know when I got to bed at night my conscience is clear.”

So that’s, um, great….

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