Pssst, wanna read something dumb?

Go here.

I’ll give you a little taste:

The guy is a diva who acts like he is the GM. He couldn’t co-exist with established high-scoring volume shooters like Ricky Davis, Larry Hughes, and Dajuan Wagner. If you remember correctly, Wagner, who was supposed to be the future of the franchise, was only 20 when James was drafted. Wagner was instantly moved to the end of the bench and his career was ruined. Davis was shipped out because James couldn’t co-exist with him. He hated playing with Eric Snow. He drove out Drew Gooden, so his buddy Anderson Varejao can land a huge contract. He dominates the ball and clogges up the lane, so Larry Hughes couldn’t slash.


(Inside all the stupid there’s a point that James shoots too much and can dominate the ball too often. I don’t necessarily disagree. Though the entire post could be one giant joke. Let’s hope.)

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