I Dunno About You, but I Had a Wonderful Day

The sun was brighter, color were more vivid, food tasted better and my team even held the court for five games in pick-up ball this afternoon. I’d like to thank Josh Cribbs and Rob Ryan. Because of them, the freezing, biting wind only felt extremely cold.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Seeing the Browns beat the Steelers (ending their playoff hopes) in front of, not only their home fans, but these particular fans. Fans who were tailgating since 4:30 AM, people who sat through freaking 12 degree weather (and a -1 windchill) to come cheer on a 1-11 team (that has, quite frankly, deserved the heaps ridicule directed its way).

The Browns got a division win (it’s been quite a bit), didn’t embarrass themselves on national television, had more sacks (8) than points allowed (6) and Pittsburgh columnists are writing columns with titles like: Steelers Play Like Losers. It’s a good day.

Note to Randy Lerner, Eric Mangini and whoever eventually becomes the football czar: when Josh Cribbs asks to renegotiate his contract, you better damn well do it. Cribbs is the guy responsible for this season’s only bright spot (I assume no one is counting the Buffalo game, right?). He’s the reason the offense was even in position to score points (Brady was 6-19. Ugh. To his credit, he didn’t turn the ball over. So that’s a plus). The guy is great, he’s underpaid (by NFL standards obviously) and he plays extremely well against Pittsburgh. Pay the man.

Sure, the Browns are still 2-11. There’s still a lot of problems (could you please throw the ball into the endzone when you get inside the 10? Just try it. Throw it in there. Quit it with these horizontal passes already) and I don’t think Eric Mangini has saved his job just yet. If they go out and lose to a bad Kansas City team next week, he’ll have squandered any good will from this win.

But a win is a win is a win. They beat the defending Super Bowl champions. Not only that, we won’t have to suffer a Browns loss on Sunday. We get the whole weekend free of Browns misery.

Thanks again.

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