Let’s with go lineup #8

From 82games.com:

I like that the Cavs’ most effective lineup is also one of their least used. Well done, rarely using the starting five that won 66 games, the lineup that just happened to be their most effective offensive and defensive unit (to be fair, Delonte’s, um Delonteness, is hampering their ability to do it at times).

Just throwing it out there, but since Shaq keeps saying that Z isn’t his backup, that they’re “co-centers,” does that mean if Mike Brown ever decided to start Z over Shaq (just humor me, he’d never do this), Shaq would be cool coming off the bench?

Yes, Shaq is the future Hall of Famer and the guy who won all the rings but that doesn’t mean he has to start for this team at this time. Z spaces the floor better, the offense runs smoother and he can get those offensive tip ins. Hell, having Shaq play with a second unit full of shooters (Boobie, Mo, Moon, etc) isn’t necessarily a bad thing either (he’d be going against back-up centers).

I just don’t see the point of going away from what worked so well in the past.

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