God Dammit

From John Hollinger’s chat:

gregg (cleveland, oh) john, i agree ferry built this team with interchangeable personnel that can be mixed and matched based on opponent. my question: is mike brown up to the task of actually executing those changes? based on his static rotations early in the season, my guess is no. i think such a rotation is a little too outside-the-box for him

John Hollinger (3:51 PM) I was a little surprised when I went to Cleveland a couple weeks ago and he said they rarely practiced with LeBron at 4; obviously that precludes them using such a lineup more often. That said, I think Brown has done a lot more mixing and matching of personnel the past couple of years than you give him credit for; I’ve noticed Cavs fans tend to think since they have the best player in the world any loss must be Mike Brown’s fault, but that’s not how it works.

They rarely practice with LeBron at 4? Of course not. Makes sense. Much better to have your best player receive the ball 25 feet from the rim every possession.

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