Big Ten in 2010

Gotta love the way the Buckeyes and the rest of the Big Ten entered in the new decade. Ohio State won the Rose Bowl, Penn State topped LSU and while Northwestern didn’t win, they played a hell of the game, losing to Auburn in OT (I’m OK with faking the field goal in OT but I thought the play they ran sucked. They didn’t look ready at all). Wisconsin set the tone for the rest of the conference by beating Miami (15) on Tuesday. I’m not usually so pro-Big Ten but I was fired up today (though to be fair, I didn’t have to watch either Purdue or Michigan).

Great game by Pryor (I enjoyed Musburger’s “Pryor is growing up in this game” comment 4 plays into the game. Give it time man), great gameplan from Tressel and the coaching staff and another excellent game from the Ohio State defense. It was fun to see them close it out by running off the clock. I’m too used the Browns, I forgot how fun that is.

I saw the game with some college friends down in Columbus (it’s just not the same watching in Cleveland) and had a lot of fun (New Years Eve was a delight as well). Know what wasn’t a lot of fun? The drive back through the snow that took over three hours (it’s usually 2ish). Yikes.

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