For what its worth

Also, Terry Pluto:

4. Lerner’s approach has been to hire a guy and hope that somehow, the new leader fixes everything. When he hired Holmgren, he never saw the four-game winning streak coming. It seems the Browns were headed for another off-season where everyone is fired and it’s time to start over, just like a year ago. Holmgren is giving no clues to his plans, other than he will wisely hire a general manager who can immerse himself in the draft.

5. Here’s the situation: Holmgren is coming to Cleveland to build a basement/foundation, especially in drafting and securing players. The house itself is the coaching staff and the general approach to the game (the 3-4 defense, a run-style offense, etc). Can he put in a new basement but not tear up the house in the process?

6. It’s fair to assume that when Lerner began discussing the job with Holmgren, a new coach would be hired. Don’t be surprised if Holmgren is in a mighty struggle trying to decide what to do about Mangini — something he never imagined a month ago.

4pm press conference. Should be interesting.

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