I read the news today, oh boy

Nearly everything you ever wanted to know about Ben Cox.

It’s a really nice and well written article about yours truly. Ken Baka of the Sun News did a wonderful job and I greatly appreciate it. However, I do want to correct one thing (besides spelling Daugherty’s name wrong):

Cox has been “in love” with the Cavs since the late 1980s and early 1990s. Those teams had Mark Price, Brad Dougherty, Larry Nance and Steve Kerr. He can thank his father, John, for initiating him to the Cavs. John took the young Ben, living in Hudson, to as many as 70 games a year at the former Coliseum nearby.

Incorrect. My dad and I went to roughly 7-15 games a year in Richfield. If we were to go to 70 games a year, we’d have to throw in some Cleveland Force and Cleveland Thunder games as well (indoor soccer and football, respectively).

But that’s just a small quibble. Like I said, the article is really well written and it’s much nicer than I deserve.

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