The Browns signed Jake Delhomme. Ugh. Sometimes… man, sometimes I just hate the Browns:

Jake Delhomme is “very, very excited” about coming in to be the starting quarterback of the Browns and will be here Monday for the start of the off-season program, a league source said Saturday.

Delhomme, 35, agreed to terms on a two-year deal, agent Rick Smith confirmed for The Plain Dealer. Terms were not disclosed, but the source said Delhomme will make $7 million — a starter’s salary — in 2010.

Seven million dollars? $7 million dollars? They’re paying 35 year old Jake ‘8 TD, 18 INT last season’ Delhomme seven million dollars? Great.

Here’s the spin:

Delhomme explained that he was playing tight last season after the playoff meltdown.

“When I play I try to sling it around. I wasn’t doing that last year,” he said. “I was trying not to make the mistake. I don’t play that way.”

Those close to Delhomme are convinced he can regain the form that led helped him lead the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2003 and earn a Pro Bowl berth in 2005. He also has more than 20 fourth-quarter comebacks and a 58-40 record over the past seven seasons, including the playoffs.

Sweet. Here he can just play loose and sling it around to all those skill position players the Browns have. The Browns are just chock full of weapons that Delhomme can use at his convenience.

This is a guy who’s 35 years old and coming off the worst season of his career. This isn’t a “Kurt Warner in Arizona” situation either (and at least Warner has the big arm). The Browns don’t have anyone with even half the talent of Larry Fitzgerald or Anquan Boldin.

And say goodbye to Brady Quinn. Jesus, what a clusterfuck that turned out to be. Trading for Seneca Wallace and signing Delhomme is pretty clear that Quinn is no longer wanted in Berea. I really do think the Browns screwed this kid up for good. I can never get past the fact that if Brady hadn’t held out, he would’ve been the unquestioned starter his rookie year (he looked considerably better than both Charlie Frye and D.A. during that preseason). Now it’s year four and teams still really don’t know what Quinn can do.

But maybe this will work out and Delhomme can regain his skills (and the Browns will win football games, maybe?). It could happen… right?. I’ll give Holmgren this, he’s bold. I don’t like the move (at all) but it seems, at the very least, like Holmgren knows what he wants.

So there’s that.

Man, I can’t wait for the Seneca Wallace/Jake Delhomme QB battle. That’ll be, um, fun…

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