Thoughts on Boston

The last few days have been kinda hectic. There’s been funeral, a bit of work and then some laptop issues (wouldn’t connect all day til now). The fact that I haven’t written anything about the last two Celtics games is criminal. I don’t have a lot of time now, but I don’t want to do this during work tomorrow, so here’s some quick thoughts:

The Celtics have no one who can guard LeBron James. Not that anyone really does. But he’s too big for Marquis Daniels and too quick for Paul Pierce.

I really like the Mo Williams and Antawn Jamison pick & rolls the Cavs ran in the fourth. I especially like it when LeBron is on the court. Mo and Antawn are a load to handle on their own (either guy can shot and both can score around the rim) but, with LeBron out there, teams can’t load up to stop them.

Jamison’s free throws are worrying me. He was 2-8 yesterday and I worry that he’s pressing. Jamison finished with a quiet 15 point, 12 board afternoon, so it’s not like he played poorly. He didn’t shoot well but I liked his defense on KG and Sheed and he rebounds better than I thought.

Maybe I’m weird, but I’d rather see Delonte West AND Jamario Moon ahead of Anthony Parker when it comes to crunch time. Both guys just give you more. Delonte can post up and play point and Jamario’s defense is more than solid (he had a great weakside block that jump started a fast break). Parker seems to have one or two dumb plays a game (like having his heel out of bounds on a sideline trey) that just drive me nuts.

Someone tell me that the Cavs poor free throw shooting won’t bite them in the ass come playoff time. They missed 17 freebies. 17! Sure, Boston can say they played poorly and still had a chance down the stretch… but the Cavs could’ve blown this thing wide open had they knocked ’em down from the charity stripe.

Is Boston apathetic or just old? Before the game, LeBron had said that the Celtics look bored with the regular season and I’d have to concur. The effort and energy of the Cavaliers just killed Celtics (Varejao particular gave them fits). Now, some of that effort will be there come playoffs, but I wonder how much is really left in the tank at this point.

When Mo Williams has his shot dropping, the Cavs are really hard to beat. That is all. (No pressure Mo!).

I really really really really want to see these guys match up in the second round (and if the playoffs started today, that’s what we’d get). Nothing is more fun than playing and rooting against a team you despise.

And man, I fucking hate the Celtics. The constant bitching (Garnett shoved his forearm into Anderson Varejao’s neck then complained), the cheap shots (Big Baby nearly body slammed Jamison) and the media love (Best Team in the NBA when healthy) but makes them so, so hateable. The addition of an old, fat, Rasheed Wallace is really just the cherry on top (they signed him for three years?!?!).

I know regular season doesn’t matter, but you gotta feel pretty good about where the Cavs are. LeBron looks spectacular, the offense isn’t bogging down and the defense and effort are top notch. And unlike last year, they’re beating the good teams along with the bad. Can’t ask for much more at this point.

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