45 to 9

I had to work last night, so I didn’t get to see any of the Cavaliers’ victory over the Bucks, though I did hear the end of it. It was nice to see (well, hear from Joe Tait) that the Cavs actually ran a play at the end of a game, rather than just watch LeBron dribble and chuck a jumper.

The Cavs were down four with about 3 minutes to go and they fought back and got the victory. The Cavs nearly blew the game by missing so many free throws (Jamison and Hickson went 2-6 down the stretch) but thankfully Mo made his late and the Cavs held on. One could say the game down to free throws.

And if I were a Bucks fan, I’d be quite pissed. The Cavs missed more free throws (16) than the Bucks even attempted (9). Overall, the Cavs went 29-45 from the stripe while Milwaukee went 8-9. John Salmons went 7-7 and Andrew Bogut went 1-2 and that’s it. 9 free throw attempts to 45. No other Buck was fouled while attempting a shot? The Cavs were clean besides those two?

Again, I didn’t see this game. I know Milwaukee is really aggressive on defense, so it’s not a big surprise they picked up a ton of fouls. And the Bucks did shoot 25 threes (to the Cavs 16) and they’re not a bruising inside team, but still. 45-9? As a Cavs fan, I have a hard time defending that.

But whatever. A win is a win is a win is a win. I’ll take it. Sure, it looks awful, but is the NBA really fixing a regular season game in late March between the Cavs and Bucks? Somehow, I doubt it.

Anyways. 29-45? Seriously guys? I can’t imagine this poor free throw shooting not affecting them at some point in the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong (or it won’t cost them a game or, god forbid, a series), but stuff like this has a way of making an appearance in the playoffs.

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