FINALLY, an ESPN that focuses on New York

Not surprisingly, there are some stories about LeBron coming to the Knicks (if you’re surprised or outraged by this, you haven’t been paying attention). One is ridiculously pro New York and other is written by the Plain Dealer’s Brian Windhorst. I’d suggest reading the pro New York article first and follow with Windy. I did the opposite and, I’ll tell ya what, Ian O’Connor’s case for New York City scares the crap out of me (short version: LeBron, you could be Babe Ruth).

Right now, I’m leaning towards him staying, but I really have no idea (obviously). At the end of the day, I just can’t see him leaving a Championship team to go start over somewhere else.

So no pressure, fellas.

These playoffs could very well be the death of me.

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