I’m sure LeBron is just playing this up. He’s not really hurt. He just likes the attention… and getting multiple MRI’s just adds to that attention, right?

Although his coach and Cavaliers teammates insist they don’t see anything different about LeBron James’ play in the first two games of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics, James is scheduled for another MRI on his bothersome right elbow this week, according to team officials.

It will be the second MRI James has had on the elbow. Last week, after the first-round series against Chicago was over but before the semifinals started, James had an MRI and was diagnosed with a strain and a bone bruise in the elbow.

Well shit. I’m not freaking out just yet, but I won’t say that I’m not concerned. If you aren’t at least a little concerned, then you must’ve started following Cleveland sports this season.

And if you weren’t concerned before:

A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers who wished to remain anonymous has admitted that LeBron James should not playing with his injury in its current state. Apparently, the damage is enough that the right arm of King James – perhaps that should be “King Richard III” for the nonce – is having great difficulty in carrying anything heavier than a basketball.

Now, the site is a European hoops blog and it’s affiliated with ESPN’s TrueHoop Network. So take that as you will (probably with massive amounts of salt). However, they do have ads for Who Shot Mamba? And hey, I was in that movie. So they gotta be trustworthy!

Look, I dunno if these guys are full of shit or not. They very well could be. But I do know that James keeps going back for MRI’s and he played like crap during Game 2.

To say I’m interested to see how LeBron performs on Friday is an understatement.

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