Well, LeBron IS a Cowboys fan

Mark Cuban is gonna make a run at LeBron James:

In an interview this week posted on CNNMoney.com, Cuban expressed his interest in James as a free agent and said that the NBA star needs to play in a place where he trusts the organization.

If James does not reach an agreement with the Cavaliers by July 1, he would become an unrestricted free agent.

“Come July 1st, yeah, of course, anybody would be interested in LeBron James, and if he leaves via free agency, then it’s going to be tough,” Cuban said. “If he does like I’m guessing, hoping he will, which is say, ‘I’m not going to leave the Cavs high and dry,’ if he decides to leave — there’s still a better chance he stays — then he’ll try to force a sign-and-trade, and that gives us a chance.”

Apparently, this could be construed as tampering (since LeBron is still technically a Cavalier until July 1st) but I don’t feel like Cuban should get fined. LeBron’s free agency is all over the news, so I image these guys get asked this all the time. And I mean, of course Cuban is going to make a run at Bron-Bron. Everyone should make a run at James. He’s the back-to-back MVP! If you don’t want that guy on your team, something is wrong with you.

Speaking of LeBron’s free agency decision, here’s a great piece on Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst (who sorts through about 300 LBJ emails a day). Really good stuff. Windhorst is the best (though he’s accutely aware at how LeBron raises his profile).

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