Coach Mike has been relieved of his head coaching duties:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired Mike Brown, the team announced Monday morning.

The Cavaliers had a midnight deadline Sunday night to fire the head coach or pay him his full $4.5 million salary for next season.

Cleveland was ousted from the playoffs two weeks ago by the Boston Celtics, who upset the NBA’s top regular-season team in six games in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert made the decision to fire Brown after an organizational review that began following the Cavs’ exit from the playoffs.

While Boston throroughly dominating Orlando makes the Cavs demise look just a little less horrendous, this really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Brown was outcoached against the C’s and after having back-to-back 60 win seasons with not even a Finals appearence, it was time to part ways.

Brown is what he is. He’s a great game planner before the games (I think his early video work comes into play here) but he’s never been good during the heat of battle, as it were. I love the work he did with the Cavaliers’ defense and, besides from LeBron, that defensive mindset is the reason the Brown is the winningest coach in Cavalier history.

But the offense was his downfall. Now, I’m of the belief that LeBron (and his skill set) is much harder to coach (and play with) than people realize. The fact that the offense still had the same problems five years later doesn’t speak well for Coach Mike. I can accept a terrible offense when Eric Snow and Larry Hughes are your starting guards. But with guys like Mo Williams, Delonte West, Antawn Jamison, Shaq, J.J. Hickson and Jamario Moon, the Cavs shouldn’t have to work as hard as they did for buckets.

Lord knows who the Cavs will get to replace him. Coach K? Phil Jackson? Um, doubtful. The problem with firing Brown is that he’s better than most of the coaching retreads available. I mean, the Sixers just hired Doug Collins (this guy was the Bulls coach for The Shot. He’s old. and hasn’t won. Anything). All of the coaches with rings (Championship Experience) currently have jobs.

Of course, speaking of The Shot, Lenny Wilkens is available (though I only want Lenny if he (A) owns a time machine and (B) brings the starting five from 88-89 Cavaliers with him).

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7 Responses to Shocking

  1. Anonymous says:

    As long as we're bringing up historical Cavalier coaches, I don't doubt that Mike Fratello would love to get off his commentating butt.But serious option… Avery Johnson?Nick…

  2. davemanddd says:

    please gawd, not the most annoying voice in talking head-world. i'd much rather like to hear someone scratching their nails across a chalkboard than to hear avery johnson as cavs coach in a press conference after a game. come to think of it, isn't avery johnson just another mike brown, a guy who couldn't get it done with an mvp and a stacked roster against an inferior opponent??? as for guys with championship rings who might be available, you said there isn't anyone available??? isn't rudy t still out there somewhere??? i still love his quote "never underestimate the heart of a champion". surely lebron would respect his pedigree having won 2 titles in houston and getting his block knocked off against kermit washington as a player??? he's old (62) but still not that old that he still can't get the job done. there's plenty of other coaches just as old and older than him that are still going strong. why not rudy t???

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ben…Not to be a dick(okay I'm trying to be, only to the so called "Cavs Fans" you know who you are..)I heard some people talking shit about how awful Mike Brown has been in the last six years (I only fault him for his lack of confidence in himself, mainly his horrid rotations) but here it goes…What is the difference between Mike Brown and Lebron??I'll only tell you my answer after you respond…Jess

  4. Erik says:

    I'll throw Kevin McHale's name out there for consideration. He was a lousy GM in Minnesota, but he seems to have some coaching chops.McHale is probably one of the smartest guys to ever put on an NBA uniform, and his on-the-court knowledge of basketball is vast. And he has the rings to make LBJ respect him.I think if McHale had gone directly into coaching after his career ended, and had remained a coach for the past 15-plus years, he might be one of the best coaches in the league right now.

  5. Ben says:

    Nick – I think Avery would be OK… but it's not like "hey guys, you hear? We got Avery Johnson! The problems are solved!"Dave – Rudy T is the only guy, but wasn't/isn't he sick? Jess – Is it that Mike Brown owns a championship ring? Or that he hasn't played the NBA?Erik – With McHale around, LeBron would learn post moves by osmosis if nothing else

  6. Erik says:

    I don't know how much Tomjanovich has left in the tank. He's had prior health problems connected to bladder cancer and exhaustion, he tended to overwork himself as a coach (as an NBA coach, how can you not overwork yourself?) and he has a plush job working as a scout for the Lakers.He only lasted 40 games in his last coaching stint with the Lakers. If I were Gilbert or Ferry, I don't know if I'd want to take the chance that he'd develop health problems again as a coach.

  7. Dustin says:

    Wow, some good comments so far. Im surprised quite honestly no one mentioned the only retread coach I actually think LeBron would respect, Byron Scott! I think he got a raw deal in NO, cheap owner, and plenty of injuries. Plus if my favorite miracle offseason move (Chris Paul to the Cavs) were to occur, Paul has said he respects the hell outta Byron Scott! Im still highly in favor of Zen Master/Coach K/Tom Izzo, but if none were willing to come and the new rumors of Chris Jent being the coach are as crazy as they seem then I think Byron Scott should be a strong considerarion! Jess i know, Mike Brown is from the Spurs organizarion and hes a winner right? Yeah just like all those winning Spurs fans who wouldnt go cheer on their 2007 Championahip team (remember 07' when the Spurs couldnt even sell out the arena and Cavs fans were buying up tix to watch our team! Ohh and Pop mopped the floor with Mike Brown then, we shoulda seen the writing on the wall). The real difference is that Mike Brown has done less with more talent in his 5 year career w/ the Cavs than any coach I can think of in the last 20 years! Goodbye Mr. Potato Head head your lucky u werent canned after the loss to Orlando!

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