Who invited Joe?

Would love to be the fly on the wall for this meeting:

Dwyane Wade has a big decision to make on where he’ll sign this offseason. And before he makes his choice, he said he’ll talk it over with fellow big-ticket free agents LeBron James and Joe Johnson.

Wade told the Chicago Tribune that he’s not sure when the three players will talk, but they’ve been discussing their futures informally for a while now.

“[Free agency] has been three years coming,” the Miami Heat superstar told the Tribune. “We’ve discussed it prematurely, at different times. [But] you don’t know what guys are thinking and where they’re going. I think we’ll all sit down, and before one of us makes a decision, all of us will have spoken to each other and [listened to the] thinking.

“A lot of decisions [will be based on] what other players are willing to do and what other guys want to do. So it’s not just a ‘me’ situation here. We all have to look and see what each other is thinking.”

A source told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard that the Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh also will join Wade, James and Johnson when they get together to discuss free agency.

No date or place has been set for the gathering, but the source said, “Bosh will definitely be there.”

and what Mark Cuban did was tampering. Got it.

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait til July 8th? Cause I can’t wait til July 8th. All these rumors are killing me.

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3 Responses to Who invited Joe?

  1. davemanddd says:

    it seems to me that if all these players get together to form one big super all-star team, surely there is something in the nba's collective bargaining agreement to prevent that. i mean isn't that collusion??? baseball knows all about the ramifications of doing that from the owner's perspective. but what if it's the players who do it??? is it a two-way street or what???

  2. Erik says:

    Ever get the feeling that maybe D-Wade is a little too desperate to hook up with other superstars? He's the only one who is feeding this level of speculation to the media.

  3. davemanddd says:

    yeah, he's tired of being a one-man band. miami has taken the exact opposite approach to what the cavs have with lebron as the heat have not made any significant player acquisitions that could have actually helped take some of the load off of d-wade. the cavs have bent over backwards to do whatever it takes to accomodate lebron, while the heat have told wade to pretty much "take it or leave it" and yet, wade will just probably stay in miami simply because it's warm & sunny miami, regardless of what his supporting cast is there. that is the one advantage that miami has over cleveland. people will come play there simply because of the warm climate whereas some players will avoid cleveland simply due to the cold weather.

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