Which is more weird?

We’ve entered a bizarre world where I’m pissed off that the Indians weren’t perfect gamed(?) and that I agree with another Adrian Wojnarowski column about LeBron James.

I don’t care for it.

The Indians are awful. They should’ve been the 20th team* to ever have a perfect game thrown against them, but the umpire literally blew the call on the 27th out. Jim Joyce… good luck man. You cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game and a chance at history. The fact that the play at first wasn’t even that close just makes the whole thing even worse. Enjoy calling balls and strikes tomorrow!

(Here’s my question, why so adamant to call him safe? If it’s that close anyways (it wasn’t), why not give the edge the pitcher WHO IS ABOUT TO COMPLETE A PERFECT GAME? If you blow the call the other way, I’m pretty sure the Tribe isn’t going to care that much).

As for Wojo, I’ve disagreed with him in the past, but I find it hard to argue with this:

As the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers gather for a championship series to remind us of what built the league, what made it great, here’s LeBron James with a public ode on LeBron James.

“I’m the ringleader,” he told King.

No judgment.

No shame.

He was talking about the free-agent crop of stars, because that’s mostly what James has cared about for two years now. He tried to win a title with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has surrounded himself with a collection of sycophants and incompetents, sneaker reps and childhood buddies and middlemen whom he calls his team. Somehow, they couldn’t let him stay quiet until the playoffs were over, until everyone had pushed past the way he disappeared in the conference semifinals. He did a vapid sit-down with King to air on Friday night, and they made sure to leak out a transcript that drones out the start of the NBA Finals.

In so many ways, he’s a young Alex Rodriguez, so insecure with himself and his MVP awards, so desperate to find validation in the courtship of free agency.

“He seems more enthusiastic about this than he did trying to beat the Celtics,” said one Western Conference GM. “I mean, who goes on Larry King to talk about ‘when I become a free agent’?”

That last quote hurts a bit, no? Can you disagree? I can’t. I’m sick to death of the free agent talk already (well, to be fair, I was sick of it two years ago) and it’s only going to get worse.

For what it’s worth, during LeBron’s talk with Larry King, James said that the Cavs have “the edge” in signing him. Well I should fucking hope so. He only grew up here and spent his entire career in Cleveland. I should hope the team coming off back-to-back 60 win seasons should have “the edge” in retaining his services. Ugh.

While LeBron’s actions during and post-Celtics series have irked me to no end (understatement!!), I’m reserving judgment until he actually signs his name to an offer sheet. I don’t wanna say that if he reups with the Cavs, all will be forgiven…. but I’m willing to forgive a good 80-90% of his shit. Game 5 is unforgivable.

*I have no idea if the Tribe would actually be 20th team to be, um, perfect gamed (it should’ve been the 20th perfect game). I’m sure it’s possible that a team could’ve been perfect gamed twice but I’m lazy and I don’t care to check. Look, I’m a shitty blogger. But you already know this.

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2 Responses to Which is more weird?

  1. Andrew says:

    It would have actually been the 21st perfect game. And it looks like 3 teams have been perfect gamed twice (LA Dodgers, Minn Twins, TB Rays). And the Brooklyn Dodgers were also perfect gamed. So the Indians would have been the 17th or 18th team to be perfect gamed (depending on if you lump the Dodgers together or not).

  2. Ben says:

    well there ya go.

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