Is Ron Harper Available?

So Danny Ferry resigned. I’ll not rehash his moves again but I have no problem with the job Ferry did as GM of the Cavaliers. As Terry Pluto points out, Ferry resided over the winningest 5-year period in Cavalier history. Were mistakes made? Sure (*waives at Larry Hughes*), but they were defensible at the time and Ferry wasn’t given a whole lot to work with.

Do I think Ferry needed to go? Not really. Unlike Mike Brown, I thought Ferry did everything in his power to get the Cavs to the promised land (it was in Mike Brown’s power to bench Shaq, right?). He gave out team friendly contracts and used Dan Gilbert’s money to the best of his abilities.

My concern with Ferry leaving is what that spells for LeBron’s future. On one hand, changing the coach and GM at this team can make the Cavs look desperate and in disarray (especially following their 2nd Round exit). The idea is that LeBron wouldn’t want to reup with a team in flux.

On the other hand, this move could signal that the Cavs are going for the “do whatever LeBron wants” strategy and Ferry resigned because he didn’t want to deal with LeBron’s handpicked coach (Jon Calipari? Dru Joyce? Chris Jent? I keed, I keed). I really have no opinion on new GM Chris Grant.

So ya, I think this is a good sign that LeBron will re-sign. However, I’m not sure how much I care for it, if that makes sense. Getting LeBron’s signature on that dotted line is obviously the best move for the organization. They’re better with LeBron James on the roster. Dur.

But I’m pretty sure that giving LeBron total control (if that’s what this move is signaling) isn’t a smart idea. The organization can’t be full of yes men (if it wasn’t already) and LeBron can’t hold be allowed to hold them hostage like he has for the past three years. That’s not a way to build a winning team. Putting pressure on the GM to improve the isn’t a bad thing per se, but having everyone on egg shells because they don’t want to anger James and push him out the door won’t produce a championship.

And so ends Danny Ferry’s second run with the Cavaliers. I’d say it was more successful than his first go-round with the organization, but it ended up being even more disappointing (
and who knew that was even possible?).

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3 Responses to Is Ron Harper Available?

  1. Anonymous says:

    According to the papers Ferry is the only one on his way out. So the internal office shouldn't be in too much disarray. And his contract was up in a month anyway. So, it isn't such a terrible move for him and the organization to part ways at this time. It makes it look not as bad as if there was another year on his contract.No doubt he did a great job, but i still feel that if every GM in the league was given the opportunity to spend money the way Gilbert gave the go ahead to Ferry, they would be able to build a great team. I don't think he was really tested to build a good team on a budget (insert Larry Hughes comment here). He was given free reign and built a great team, but in the end wasn't it his decision to hire Mike Brown?Nick…

  2. Ben says:

    He signed guys like Varejao, Pavlovic, Gooden, Gibson, West to pretty team friendly deals (some will say Varejao is overpaid, but I think he's about right).A lot of GM's overpay their own players and then are stuck with bad, nearly untradable contracts. Ferry gave most of his guys fair deals. He's only really overpaid that first summer with Hughes/Marshall/Jones, but that was sorta justifiable.

  3. Graham says:

    Pavs was not a good deal. Ferry more or less was conservative, in that he was almost always made sure he never let a young guy walk for fear it would hurt the team. In reality that probably wouldn't have been the case – except for AV which was a good deal.Boobie, Pavs, Gooden, Delonte, etc. In retrospect, we could have added other players to a roster that would've contributed far more in the end. And almost all of the his other trades were a direct result of Gilbert's willingness to spend money. Point being, Ferry wasn't a great GM. He wasn't bad, but nothing special. Plus, you know LeBron was OK with this or else it wouldn't have happened. Gilbert has to keep James, no matter how he does it. Cavs won't have a chance to win anything without him. If it means getting rid of Ferry, then be gone, Danny.

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