LeBron’s co-author, Buzz Bissinger, had some interesting things to say on Twitter today:

@buzzbissinger So Izzo, as possible Cavs coach wants to meet with LeBron and he says no?? I’ve had it. Fuck that. Fuck him. Hurts to say but I got played.

@buzzbissinger LeBron has obligation to meet with Izzo, even if it’s to flip him the bird. Why would Cleveland even want to keep a man as self-absorbed…

@buzzbissinger every move LeBron makes an orchestrated one. Forget what he says about anything–policy of appeasement. Hence Izzo BS: 100 percent no prob

@buzzbissinger I hope LeBron goes to Charlotte so ultimate psychotic Jordan can cut him and LeBron plays year in junior Canadian Curling…

@buzzbissinger Never seen such arrogance in pro athlete–player won’t meet with possible coach? LeBron getting terrible advice. So fucking disappointed.

@buzzbissinger One thing about Shooting Stars book–people in it besides LeBron great decent people. No better man/coach than Dru Joyce. Great teammates

@buzzbissinger @B_Wet23 two faced? Complete bullshit. Every other writer would shut up to boost sales of book and maintain LeBron relationship


Bissinger’s not the first writer to say that Bron-Bron is getting terrible advice but Buzz carries a little more weight since he co-wrote a freaking book with LeBron.

(For what it’s worth, I own this book but I haven’t read it yet. The only LeBron book I’ve actually sat down and read is The Franchise by Terry Pluto and Brian Windhorst. I didn’t want to read a bunch of LeBron books during what could be his last season as a Cavalier. Don’t like getting my hopes up/sucked in).

I completely agree with Buzz by the way. The fact that LeBron didn’t even talk with Tom freaking Izzo speaks volumes about both LeBron’s plans and his arrogance.

But don’t worry, LeBron was 100% behind the signing. He felt so comfortable with the guy who would be his coach for the next three years that he didn’t even need to talk with him. 100% behind it. And, remember, LeBron said the Cavs have ‘the edge’ to sign him. Great.

I’m so unbelievably sick of all this shit. If LeBron is planning on leaving, I just wish he’d come out and say it. Don’t jerk us around. Just say, “I’ve spent seven years as a Cavalier and it was great. But it’s time for me to move on and I appreciate everything that Dan Gilbert and the fans of Cleveland have given me.” Boom. Done.

But this teasing, this playing both sides… ugh. Stop. He hasn’t talked with anyone in the Cavalier organization since the Boston meltdown. He won’t talk with potential coaches. If he IS staying, he’s fucking the Cavs over. He hurt them last offseason (who would you rather have, Trevor Ariza or Tony Parker….) and he’s hurting them now.

But hey, Akron is throwing a rally celebrating James. Makes sense. LeBron probably won’t show up. Why would he? Don’t want to tip your cap. Gotta let the process play out.

At this point, I just want it all to be over.

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2 Responses to Buzz

  1. Graham says:

    Bissinger is a cheesed*ck of epic proportions. And he's been one for a long time. Whatever LeBron does, I could care less what this guy has to say, and I certainly hope Cavs fans don't pay attention to this garbage. That being said, LeBron is taking a ton of hits against rep.

  2. Ben says:

    I dunno, the fact that a guy who wrote a (fairly successful, iirc) book with LBJ is now trashing him says, if not a lot, something

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