Well if Devin Brown likes him…

then who am I to question:

Former Cavalier Devin Brown thinks Byron Scott is the perfect new coach for the Cavs and the sort of guy who just might persuade free agent LeBron James to re-sign with the team.

“He demands respect,” Brown said of Scott, his coach for two-plus seasons in New Orleans. “I really think he was a great hire for Cleveland. I think it was a move to show LeBron that they are serious about what they’re trying to do. I really think it’s a great fit.”

Though I do like the hire of Byron Scott. I really don’t see anyone out there who is a better fit for the Cavs. I wouldn’t want to be pursuing LeBron James with a rookie head coach. Scott has been to the Finals as both a player and coach and, as Devin says, demands respect.

I have more on Scott’s hiring over at LeBrownsTown.

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