More LeBron Fallout

In a surprise to absolutely no one, Dan Gilbert was fined by David Stern for his and subsequent interviews:

Shortly after James’ announcement, Gilbert fired off an incendiary letter to Cavs fans, vilifying the 25-year-old and calling his decision to bolt Cleveland as “narcissistic” and “cowardly behavior.” He also guaranteed his team would win an NBA title “BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER ‘KING’ WINS ONE.”

Gilbert took it a step further when he later told The Associated Press in a phone interview that he felt the NBA’s two-time MVP quit on the Cavs during the playoffs the past two years, and that James “has gotten a free pass.” He also said James should be held accountable for his actions.


Gilbert is attending the owners’ meetings in Las Vegas, where NBA commissioner David Stern said Monday he was fining the Cavaliers $100,000 for the comments.

“He was completely correct in expressing his disappointment,” Stern said, adding that Gilbert’s statement and the sentiments he expressed in a follow-up interview with the AP were “a little bit extreme.”

Only $100,000? That’s not really a whole lot to an owner of an NBA franchise. I’m still shocked that Stern hasn’t made him take that letter down. It’s still up on for anyone to read.
Stern also said that he didn’t care for LeBron’s special (which ESPN innocently points out just happened garner 10 million viewers) and that LeBron should’ve informed the Cavs before the TV show (no shit!). Craig at WFNY has a nice post on what LeBron should’ve done. Me gusta.
As far as Jesse Jackson’s Dan Gilbert/Slavery comments… both Stern and Gilbert dismiss them (and disagree, obviously) and I really like Jason Whitlock’s take:

It’s stupid. Dan Gilbert’s rant was certainly immature, but it wasn’t remotely racist. He sounded like a scorned lover, a guy who gave his heart to a relationship and found out on national TV that the alleged love of his life didn’t care about him at all.

BTW ^this post^ was, um, posted today over at Upon Further Review Sports today, albeit linkless, as rebuttal to this. Check it out.

Speaking of other sites where my crappy writing appears, has now (for some weird reason…) been renamed (rolls off the tongue, no?).

and finally, you know wanted to read Matt Taibbi’s thoughts on The Decision. Of course you do.
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